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Just Peachy - Peach Apricot Black Tea

Just Peachy - Peach Apricot Black Tea

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Experience the pure essence of summer in every sip with Just Peachy.

Crafted with the finest black tea leaves, delicately infused with the sweet succulence of ripe peaches and the luscious tang of apricots, this blend is a symphony of fruity perfection.

Whether enjoyed hot or over ice, Just Peachy embodies the essence of sweetness, offering a revitalizing escape with every sip. Embrace the taste of summer all year round with this blissful blend that's simply peachy keen!

This tea is sold bagged in 100% compostable tea bags for the perfect cup every time.  Packed in a food safe kraft paper bag.  30 bags. 

Ingredients: Luxury Black Tea, Natural Flavours

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