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Living On A Pear - Pear Cream Flavoured Black Tea

Living On A Pear - Pear Cream Flavoured Black Tea

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Delight in the whimsical charm of 'Living on a Pear,' a luxurious black tea blend that captures the essence of orchard-fresh flavors.

This exquisite blend features the finest Ceylon OP tea, harmoniously infused with sweet apple cubes, aromatic fennel, zesty orange peels, and vibrant calendula petals. Enhanced with the luscious essence of natural pear cream, each sip of 'Living on a Pear' offers a symphony of fruity and floral notes that dance on your palate. Perfect for any time of day, this blend invites you to savor the playful and refreshing taste of a sun-kissed orchard. Indulge in 'Living on a Pear' and experience a delightful escape into the world of sophisticated, fruit-infused tea.

Ingredients: Ceylon OP, Apple Cubes, Fennel, Orange Peels, Calendula Petals and Natural Pear Cream Flavours

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